11Mar 2010

People derive their legacy from their own deep-rooted heritage which also sets the foundation for societal and cultural continuity. It motivates people to work and be aware of their future. It goes without saying that any nation cannot exist without its heritage, as it is the summary of the ancestors’ experience and their life, enriched by memories, experiences, daily life, hard work and struggle. The legacy (with all its traditions, culture, intellectual and creative experience) is considered the renewable source ensuring the originality of present identity and serves as an indicator of future success.

A nation’s culture is the most significant standard of its role in civilization, progress and impact on the world. As long as the culture features originality, dynamism, expansion, and ability to proceed through contemporary life and express peoples’ history and civilizations, its legacy assumes significance and high-standing. A society’s cultural, economic and political environment is easily incorporated into the global and general cultural context, when nations focus on their history to maintain and integrate it with the global cultural scene and thus make history available to others apart from documenting all its aspects.

Successive generations follow the right path, provided they are proud of their legacy and nurture it with their love and care. They lose their present and demolish their future if they abandon it.

Today, we are at a time when the Arab world’s cultural identity has taken a vibrant role globally. Its original legacy has commenced a dynamic path to activate progress and thus become the basis for mutual understanding, impacting all aspects of knowledge.

Therefore, we should not forget the intellectual side of the legacy which features individual heroism that is strongly associated with all practices, activities and traditions at historical, traditional and literary levels. We look forward to witnessing these in the seventh championship event where we concentrate on intellect, culture and the legacy for the new generation. It is important to educate the new generation about the legacy and heroism of their ancestors, making other nations aware of its glory and urging youth to involve in it because it is a living culture capable of surviving as long as the Arab race exists. Our legacy, which we pride on, is the essence of our national identity and the true capital – indeed, the only way to progress. In other words, both are inseparable.

Legacy represents the crown of the past and those who have no past will have neither present nor future. We cannot imagine having any of our national identity aspects apart from the legacy upholding our culture, traditions, ancestors’ memories and their life experiences. It is a unique national identity that we have to be proud of because it embodies our respect for the past and great association with it. It also enriches our sense of belonging and loyalty to our beloved country.